Traveling Alone : Is It Safe?

Kelimutu FloresWhen it come to enjoy the life, traveling probably would be number one to implement it. Many people believe that if you want to enjoy your life then you need to wait until you become the millionaire and of course getting old. Well, honestly even tough I disagree with that, the fact spoke the way of it. good luck with that!. But what happen when you a single person and want to travel all around the world but no companion?. Don’t worry you can traveling alone.

Traveling alone? are you kidding me! is it safe? Traveling alone can be excite thing but in the same time could be dangerous too. When you in a country where you don’t know the current situation, whether its in war situation or endemic outbreak or something you just can’t predict. Then all you need is travel safe, here the tips from Sonia you can learn:



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