OMG What Is That?: Meriam Si Jagur At Kota Tua

Meriam Si Jagur Kota– If you ever visiting Fatahilah Museum located in Kota Tua , Jakarta you will be entertaining with something taboo (at least in Eastern Countries) and funny : naughty form of cannon, the locals called it’s as “Meriam si Jagur” named after the gesture.

The Cannon Well, actually the background of the making this Cannon back when the Portuguese rule tha Malayan strait. Their leader at time N.T Boccaro wish to had some deadly weapons to encounter the rising colonial Dutch. So to fulfil their Plan, Boccaro and his team makes the couple of Cannon in Macau which is one of the them is Si Jagur Meriam or literally translate as Si Jagur Cannon . There is message upon the Cannon’s body written “Ex Me Ipsa Renata Sum” which had meaning “From myself, I’m born again”. Not really sure how it could be related with the main Cannon function  but believe it or not the Cannon has been claimed as one of many deadly weapon for Portuguese that has been made against any their European rivals.

Notwithstanding,the Portuguese lost their power in Indonesia and Malaysia and the Cannon immediately becoming property of Kingdom of Holland 1641. The move it away to Batavia (Jakarta) and used several time againts the local at many wars but in 1820 the Dutch decide not to use the Cannon anymore due its function and age.

Meriam si Jagur


nowadays, many locals believe some supernatural power attached at the Cannon. They believe if you pray and give some offerings at the canon , your will get health fertility.  Some local women claimed that they get pregnant after visiting the Canon upon years trying to have a baby. The locals men also claimed that their fertility more advance after visiting the Cannon.

“Si Jagur Cannon” is located in Jl. Taman Fatahillah No. 1, Jakarta Barat



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