Bunaken National Marine Park : The Most Beautiful Marine Park in The World

Bunaken National Marine Park is considered as the Most Beautiful Marine Park in The World by CNN.com and foreign tourist, well I’m not just over-talking about the whole situation, indeed Bunaken Marine Park is beautiful and you cannot see any of this in any other part of the world. So most of you will raise a question, what makes this Marine park so spesial compare to the other? Well, Bunaken Marine park have something what they called as underwater great wall or hanging wall. What is it actually? Well its a giant corals. Many resort, hotel and home stay surround Bunaken National Park so its developed travel location.

Bunaken Beautiful

The Amazing Bunaken Marine Park Considered as the best in the world

Bunaken Chaca Nature resort

Bunaken Marine Park 2

Clown Fish Bunaken

Bunaken Marine Park from Manado

How To Go There…?

Its not hard to go To Bunaken Marine Park, first you need to got Manado first. Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi, they have an International Airport (Samraatulangi International Airport) so I guess its not hard to get direct flight to there. You can check on online flight ticket seller, if you living in Los Angeles, there is a lot of alternative to get there. Here my complete research:

Flight From LA To Manado

So another question is, when the best time to take vacation to Bunaken National Park? Well, Indonesia is tropical country, so it doesn’t matter whenever you can travel to this location. Many suggest the best time to this place is in May-August because the wind is not to hard and the Sun bright so high.

There is a lot of activities yo can do in this place such Snorkeling, Diving, Surfing, Fishing even just lay down on the beach or you can watch the hotel office try to cook your meal. Well, main Manadonese food is spicy sea food , so prepare you tongue to taste some hot stuff from this former feast Island.

Check Bunaken on the Map below:



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