5 Suprisingly Things That Aren’t Considered Rude In Indonesia

Just like another Eastern Countries, Indonesia has thousand of rules etiquette. Indonesian very deeply not only religious but traditionally well mannered, however there several suprising things that considered rude in Western World but not In Indonesia. This conduct has been made Indonesian different from other peoples in other part of the world. Here the list of suprising things tha are not considered rude In Indonesia.

1.Asking Personal Things

How old are you? Hom much your salary? Are you married? Tell me about your family?

Do you familiar with this question? I believe you do but unfortunately many peoples won’t answer it because it just too personal. Infact in the west, asking such question is very deeply rude and tend peoples to ignore it. However, In Indonesia you don’t have to worry about asking peoples such question that being said. Unlike Westerner, Indonesian is very open minded when it come to personal things. Its like there’s nothing should be hide about but it doesn’t mean all of them Honest people. Its about dignity and pride, for example when you asking them “How much your salary”, they will answer whatever it takes, because in their humble opinion giving such information would make they feel better about themself, infact they encourage peoples to do so.

personal things

2.  Refuse To Line Up

The Most things you would see in Indonesian mall : Crowded unline up peoples just trying to pas one of another. It just classic behavior, peoples just impatient to get what they want.



3. Smoking upon Smoking Not Allowed Sign

Maybe low enforcement by the government is main reason why peoples just doing exactly like these two folk.


Can you believe that?

4. Littering

No wonder Jakarta always been hitted by flood each years, yet they tend to blame the government for their loss. maybe “you sow what you reap” would make they understand.



Defenietly not the best citizen.


5. Spitting

Just another classic bad habitat, spitting everywhere. If you planning to visit Jakarta , you should prepare for this view but don’t ever dare to try it because the locals would see it as an insullt.




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