15 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Interesting Fact About Indonesia – Indonesia has been claimed as one of the most popular destination by Traveller all around the world. The country location spread throughout South East Asia, flanked by two continent Asia and Australia. Even tough not an Islamic governed country, Indonesia recorded as is the most populous Muslims country in the world. Already being called as the Tiger of South East Asia, Indonesia comprise with more than 17.000 islands and recorded as the fourth largest country in the world with 5 main big island which is Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Bali and Papua.

Tourism is one of the country’s popular and top earn field, the main reason probably because its beautiful natural beaches which is had been acknowledged by international. The other reason is the rich culture and stable tropical climate that would make many Peoples fall in love with this country. Bali is claimed as one og the top destination in the region with more than 10 millions international tourist from all around the world, Bali has become one of top destination for tourist according to several media.

There several interesting fact about Indonesia that you should have known, here the list:

1. Indonesia is extend from Sumatra Island to Papua in the east, consisted with more than 17.000 island, mostly inhabitant.

Indonesian map
2. The largest island is Sumatra which is still part of the Big Sunda Island chain (actually Papua is largest island in the country but because it shares with New Guinea makes Sumatra the only Indonesian owned biggest island)

Sumatera Map
3. According to Wikipedia, 3 of 10 biggest Island in the world located in Indonesia which is consist with Sumatra (being the 6th), Borneo (being the third) and Papua (being the second)

papua island map

Borneo map 2

4. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and the fastest growing population according to WHO.

Indonesia population
5. Indonesia is the biggest shovel importer in The world

Pala shovel
6. Indonesia is home to more than hundred endangered animal species that including Komodo Dragon, Sumateran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Orang Utan and many more

Komodo Dragon

Sumatran rhinoceros

orang utan and sumatran tiger
7. The biggest flower in the world was found in Indonesia which is Rafflesia Arnoldi invented by British scientist J Raffles in Bengkulu (Bencolen)

raflesia arnoldi

8. Indonesia located in the region of Ring of Fire named because its location spread in East Pacific and West Indian Ocean and consisted with more than 400 volcanos which caused 4 earthquake every day in the country

ring of fire 2
9. The highest point is located in the Mount of Jaya Wijaya, Papua where the only place with snow in the country

puncak jayawijaya
10.Java Island is recorded as the home one of the early human in the world which is Homo erectus Palaeojavanicus.

11.Toba Lake is the recorded as the biggest Island of volcano causes and indeed the biggest island inside the island (Sumatra) in the world.

Lake Toba 4
12.The first European that setting foot in the country is Marco Polo (even tough many argue, the Portuguese has been in the country in early 9th Century)

marcopolo indonesia
13.Indonesia is a country in Asia with the most change of Foreign Power, begun with Italian, Portuguese, Spain, Britain, the Dutch, and The Japanese (many argue the Arabs also had been colonized the country but excluded by locals)

dutch flag
14. Indonesia is home of the largest Chinese population in the world consisted with Hakka Chinese, Han Chinese, Wu Chinese etc. although minority, the race has been control the country’s economic aspect untill now.

chinese indonesian
15. Indonesia is the only nation with no language legacy from its colonialist (Indonesian never know how to speak Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese)

dutch language



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