My Travel To Teminabuan, South Sorong

Another busy day, although I always excited to travel all around Papua Island to discover the beauty of this “Black gem” Island. Today I will bring you to another exotic place in West Papua, it called South Sorong or the local called it “Sorong Selatan”. I always thought Sorong is just a city in West Papua, but Im wrong, there 2 regency and 1 city whose named after sorong: Regency of South Sorong, Regency of Sorong and City of Sorong. The South Sorong Regency was separated from Regency of Sorong in 2006 and it have “Teminabuan” as its Capital City. Another big city is Ayamuru, where some of official offices stand.


Hilux Car is probably the most convenience transportation to Teminabuan,

Teminabuan is just another remote area in West Papua, its located right in the middle of wild and evergreen forrest. Its only reachable with hilux car as main transportation from city of Sorong, tough they also already had an Airport yet there arent any airline being operated to Teminabuan. So its really need improvement there. You can hire Hilux Car to get to Teminabuan with not so cheap price- range of Rp.1.500.000-2.000.000 (approximately 150 US Dollar), but they probably would charge more if you a foreigner so I suggest you to bring the local before make any reservation, stay away from scouts in the airport, most of them probably refuse to negotiate the service price.


All the way to the lust green Forrest

It needs 3 hours to get to Teminabuan from city of Sorong. To get there, you should cross the Regency of Sorong first whose famous for its lust green Forrest.  I always feel boring on the road where most of the time the views behind the car are always “no ending Forrest” yet its really exotic because you wont see things like this in another part of the world.


Full of variation of vegetation

Most the locals live in the middle the Forrest, so you would hard to find any person on your trip to Teminabuan. But there is some “pitstop” there where you can buy some snacks or mineral waters. Because the Provincial Government has committed to develop this area, road to Teminabuan from City of Sorong has been improved, so there is no obstacles and dangerous spot on the road.


The road to Teminabuan is full of vehicle like this

After 3 hours long ride, you would be enter the capital, the city of Teminabuan. I would describe this city as a cold city with lower economic activities, well most of places in Wets Papua has the same fate actually, maybe because its hard to reach or my driver told me that it was the unwilling of the locals to accept changes or their hatred toward foreigner especially outsider Indonesian who always dominated the economy. Regardless of what happen, this city and the regency in general received so many incentives from Central Government to develop, yet corruption is still higher in this province.


Some people would go inside the Forrest to take pee

There are so limited hostel in Teminabuan, actually there are only 2 : the First was called Mratua Sesna Hotel (well its not really hotel actually) which located in Ayamaru Street Number 1 and the other called “Sengget Penginapan”. Sengget Penginapan is more cheaper with actually standard facilities. Meanwhile Mratus Sesna is more expensive with villa design rooms. If you want feel the city then you need to stay ini Sengget Penginapan because its more near the city compare to “1 KM from city”of Mratua Sesna. Our team decided to stay in Mratua Sesna because there werent enough room in Sengget. Mratua Sesna is government owned hostel, so its kind a luxury with villa themed hostel.

My experience stay in Mratus Sesna is not really excited because its old, haunted and not so clean room and their foods are so expensive (and not so delicious). But Put aside South Sorong, what you can expect in West Papua? actually its good for a hostel room in West Papua. If you want to go to the city from Mratua Sesna, you need to hire another Hilux Car which could escort you to enjoy and experience Teminabuan.


My lodge in Teminabuan the Mratuwa Sesna Hotel


Outside View of the Mrtauwa Sesna Hotel

Anyway my visits still colorful and excited. Papua always give me a new experience with different beauty of places they had.

In the second day of my trip to Teminabuan, South Sorong, the things begin interesting because I got the opportunities to taste some local foods and visit some must see places like the river, the main market and many more.

My travel to explore Papua continues.



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