Joan Rivers Dead: 12 Ways To Say Goodbye To The Bitc*!

Joan Rivers Deserved To Be Dead – The most re-known evil and dumbest woman in the world, Joan Molinsky aka Joan Rivers finally ended her lame life.  Finally the day has come and she need to shut her lame mouth. Many peoples can’t stand of this woman, so we have 12 different style of saying goodbye to Joan Rivers Dead:

1. Disney Style

Bye Disney

2. Lana Del Rey Style

Summertime Sadness for Joan Rivers!

Bye Lana Del Rey

3. Beyonce and Jay Z Style

Is this a revenge after Rivers called Blue Ivy as an ugly baby? Well look Beyonce and Digga’s response to Joan Rivers Dead:

bye bey and jay

4. Black Style

Re-known as a racist woman, Joan Rivers often mocking Black Community and they have something to say for her.


bye black style


5. Demi Lovato Style

Remember Rivers always make fun Demi’s taste of Fashion and Demi has something to say:


Bye Demi Lovato style

6. Monroe Style

Remember when Rivers said that Monroe is the most overrated person on earth? well, look Monroe’s response to Joan Rivers Dead:

Bye Monroe

7. Hitler Style

We know that Joan is a Jewish and she hate everything about Germans starting from Heidi Klum to well,…Adolf Hitler, but Adolf has something to say to her:

Bye Hitler

8. Pocahontas Style

Hey Joan! Pocahontas has something to say!

Bye Pocahontas

9. Selena Gomez and Latino Community Style

Remember when she slam Selena Gomez just because she tweeted “Pray For Gaza” and called her uneducated woman just like other Latino peoples. Hmmm then she and her community has has something to say then!

Bye spanish stylePERFECT!

10. The Simpson Style

Even Homer Simpson has something to say

Bye Simpson

11. The Beatles Style

I gues the Beatles is not a fan of the Fashion Police woman! and sing Hey Jude….. and Bye Jew…..

bye the beatles

12. Snow White Style

Hey Snow White come up from her long sleep and ended up by saying:

Bye bye Snow white


Joan Rivers Ugly

I will f*** everyone!!! Palestinian deserved to dead, the 3 abducted girls in Ohio deserved to be kidnapped, Blue Ivy and North West is Ugly Babies, Selena Gomez is dumb girl, everyone in Hollywood wore trash clothes except of me!!!! F*** all of you!!!!!


Bye whatever

See you in hell Joan!!! and BTW this Joan’s face would be like in hell:

Scary Joan River

Yawn!!!! Run!!!!! and Finally I have something to Joan:

Fur Joan River



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