Drink Review : Healthy Green Juice

If you love to drink some healthy stuff, you need to try Healthy Green Juice. This juice basically the extract of green vegetables combined with some lemon. The taste is really refreshing.

Healthy Green Juice kind a Reminded me of lemonade with some plain taste. Its really cool they can make some genius and Healthy juice like this. I can taste the fresh vegetables and the fresh taste of lemon in the same time.

The appearance of this juice is really fascinating, exactly look like green lake slipped with milk in the middle.

This juice is more good served with fresh ice or cold water. Its healthy and tasty, love it.

You can actually make this juice by yourself but if you too lazy to that you need to go to cafe to try it. In Jakarta, many cafe, coffee shop serves this drink. I try this at Bangi Kopitiam in central Jakarta.




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