Culinary Spot in Manokwari : Mansinam Restaurant

Located right in the front of famous island of Mansinam, Mansinam Restaurant and Hotel has become one of the main culinary attraction in Manokwari, West Papua Province of Indonesia. The restaurant had a beautiful view, so you can enjoy the beautiful of Pacific Ocean while enjoying your food.

The food served in this restaurant is varied, but most of them are Sea food. West Papua is famous of its sea food especially fresh fishes. The locals sell of these fishes with lower price compare to the market one. In Mansinam Restaurant you can choose what kind of table you like to sit : Sea side, indoor or outdoor.

How to get there?

Its very easy! if you stay in a Hotel in the city of Manokwari, all you need is just grab a taxi or “Ojek”(the local bike taxi) to get to there. Its only takes 15 minutes from all corner of Manokwari, its make sense since this city quite small. The restaurant is located in the beach so its windy at night ( ff you planning to go dinner) you need to wear a coat or something to cover your body.

What you can eat?

The Hotel/Restaurant served many delicious cuisine, mainly Chinese and other Asian food. The main menu is definitely Sea food : Fish, crab, shrimp, squid etc. They also served local (Papuan) food such as Papeda or other Indonesian foods.

The Drink

The restaurant serves various drink, you can pick: Juice, soft drink, alcohol and many more. They also provide local drink such as teh halia, their traditional tea.

The Good

The restaurant located near beach so you can enjoy your dinner with sea and tropical environment. The view also give a good values. You can also watching fishes near your table. Such a cool place definietly.

The Bad

Its kind far away from main place in the city, and many part of the restaurant and hotel under reconstruction,so it will bother you to enjoy the sea (and your food).

Overall. Its a good place to visit. 






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