The 10 Most Rare Animals You Can Only Find In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with variant of specific Fauna spread throughout Indonesian Archipelago. The reason behind this privilege gift probably because its strategic position and constitute with hundred thousand of Islands, most of them in fact uninhabited places , so being untouchable by outside of world, makes this place so special and becoming home by rare animals. Known as the lost world of Asia,  Indonesian Islands has saved many rare animals that you can never find in any other part of the world. This animal has been lived there for more than thousand of years, being survivor for centuries from deadliest disaster and human hunter, thanks to its “hidden” and protected places. There are many story covered by western scientist, adventurer and writer on how Indonesia has become their place to find the

1. Komodo Dragon or “The King of Lizard”

Komodo Dragon

The King Of Lizard

Komodo Dragon or Varanus Komodoensis also known as Komodo Monitor is a rare lizard native to Indonesian Island of Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Gilli Motang and Flores. It also found in eastern part of Papua Island.

The species of Lizard from Monitor Lizard family is the biggest and tallest lizard in the world, Komodo could growing to a maximum length of 3 meters (10 feet) and weighing up to 70 kilogram. Komodo Dragon discovered by western world in 1910 when Dutch colonial administration, Lieutenant van Steyn van Hensbroek had heard some rumor regarding land of crocodile in the eastern part of Indonesia. Right after that, he ordered Peter Ouwen, Dutch Zoologist from Museum of Bogor to investigate further about the issue. Ouwen back with tons live specimen, two of them were exhibited in Reptile House at London Zoo in 1927. In Pop culture, Komodo Dragon has been cited as inspiration for the making Hollywood hit “King Kong” in 1933 after one of the producer at the time, W Douglas Burden made long expedition to Komodo Island in 1926 to get inspiration.

King Kong

King Kong was inspired by Komodo Dragon after the producer visit Komodo Island in 1933

Unfortunately, despite being protected as endangered animal, Komodo Dragon population diminished year after year. Illegal hunting, wildfires and lack source of food become the main factor of Komodo Dragon extinction.

2. Anoa “The Smallest Buffalo”

Anoa is midget buffalo or sapiutan as the local called it, living in throughout rain forest of Sulawesi Island. They living in Low land and High land both have different name considered where they live. Anoa is the smallest buffalo in the world, the local hunted them for their food, just like other species of buffalo, Anoa is eatable but many people argue that this kind animal is intoxicated so there’s no way applicable as one of meal on table. Adult Anoa can run fast more than 10km/hour and they have a couple of sharp horn.


Anoa- The Smallest Buffalo in the world

3. Sumateran Tiger, The King of Tigers

Miley Sumateran Tiger

Sumateran Tiger or Panthera Tigris Sumatera is one of critically endangered species in the world and the most protected animal in Indonesia by now. Sumatran Tiger  According to HarimauKita Survey, an independent agency relating to protection of Sumatran Tiger in Indonesia. They had counted that there are only 350 Sumatran Tigers living in their habitat, this make Sumateran Tiger is one of few animal which could extinctt by 2050. The main reason of Sumateran Tiger shrinking population is because their habitat destroyed by the locals. Many forest in Island of Sumatera had been burnt for palm oil plantation. This makes the Sumateran Tiger habitat become more and more displaced. The good one the Indonesian Government has made some regulations to protect their habitat.

4. Merak  : The Most Beautiful Bird

Merak or Peafowl is a bird of the Phasianidae family. They are relative of the peasant. Merak is found in Java and Sumatera. You can also find them in India or Malaysia but they are different from Indonesian Merak. Merak in Indonesia has unique feature : they colourful.

burung merak 2

Merak has different type and some of them has different colour of feather. They are very calm but in the same time can be aggressive too.

burung merak 1

You probably think that it must be fun o take picture with these animal, well I’m sure your guide would not allow since merak can attack people at anytime.

5. Sunda Rhinoceros or Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros or lesser one-horned rhinoceros is another endangered animal in Indonesia, they found mostly in Java, they population is shrinking year after year.  Javan rhinoceros has difficulty to reproduce and they got only 80 years to live.

Javanicus Rhinoceros 2

The locals hunt their lesser and sell them to the collector. Their action has condemned many time by the environmental activist but its look like it won’t stop soon.

Javanicus Rhinoceros

6. Orangutan : the people of forest

The orangutans are exclusively Indonesian species of extant great apes. They mostly found in Borneo or Kalimantan. Orangutan probably the star in this list, maybe because they are exactly look like human. Anyway they named orangutan is for reason, which is mean the people of forest.

orangutan 1

Isn’t they are cute? just look this baby orangutan!

OrangutanBut unfortunately Orangutan is the most endangered species in Indonesia because their habitat has been displaced, but many volunteer from all around the world go to Borneo to save them.

7. Kijang

Kijang or Muntjacs, also known as barking deer and Mastreani deer, is the original of North Sulawesi animal. Kijang usually lives in untouchable Savannah. Kijang is really smart and fast animal, they population might be not endangered but the Indonesian government keep them as protected animal and the locals forbid to hunt them down.


8. Sea Turtles (Penyu)

Penyu is Sea Turtles which consits with 7 (seven) type of species, which include:

  • Penyu hijau (Chelonia mydas)
  • Penyu tempayan (Caretta caretta)
  • Penyu sisik (Eretmochelys imbricata)
  • Penyu belimbing (Dermochelys coriacea)
  • Penyu Kemp’s ridley (Lepidochelys kempi)
  • Penyu lekang (Lepidochelys olivacea)
  • Penyu pipih (Natator depressus)

From seven species above 6 of them is from Indonesia, the only species that cannot found in this country is Penyu Kemp’s Ridley. Indonesia is a home of the biggest Sea Turtles conservation funded by the Government. Many the locals believe that protecting the Penyu is give them a good luck from nature. So that’s why there is very low Sea Turtles hunting record in this country.

Sea Turtle penyu
9. Maleo (Macrocephalon Maleo)

Maleo is a large Megapode endemic to the island of Sulawesi. Maleois the only member of the monotypic genus Macrocephalo and it can be found in lowland and hill forest in was one of protected animals in Indonesia.

Maleo Bird

10. Tarsius Tarsier

Tarsius tarsier

Tarsius Tarsier is a small Primate species, it have a brown-reddish body with grey skin, big eyes and unique pair of ear. They were called Tarsius for a reason, they Tarsal is the reason. They are only found in forest in Sulawesi. And if you look at them deeply they appearance will remind you with creature in Harry Potter movie, guess which one?



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